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If your employer responded to SSS request to verify you as their employer, you will not encounter any problem. Don’t be, you might get this message: Remember that you should be eligible to apply for a SSS Salary loan to be approved.If you’re not sure if you’re eligible or not, you can try two things: Know the things about the requirements on how to apply for a SSS Short term / Salary loan before applying your SSS Salary Loan online or you can simply proceed on applying for your SSS salary loan online.I managed to apply for my first SSS salary loan online successfully.If you noticed, SSS gave my employer two working days (jun 18-20) to verify or respond to their verification/certification request that I am their existing employee.I believed then, as I believe still, that progress and development will sputter if criminals, illegal drugs, illegal users of drugs are allowed to roam the streets freely, victimizing, seemingly with impunity, the innocent and the helpless. Iyon nandito ’yan, tinatakot nila dito because of the high-rise buildings and… Worse yet, there were times in the past when the protectors of the people were themselves the perpetrators of the very crimes they were tasked to prevent or suppress. I have learned that economy surges only when there is peace and order prevailing in places where investors can pour [in] their capital and expertise. Then I will think of something that will compensate or make up for the damage or at least the income restored. I never knew how SSS contacted my employer but HR told me that they have My. They respond immediately and my application for SSS Salary loan was back in SSS Office in a short time. Tell us what you’ve learned and your experiences on making a SSS salary loan online! is a freelance blogger and college drop out student. While being a college drop out student and an unemployed citizen of the Philippines, he makes his time worth while by doing volunteer works.June XX, 2012, I received an email from HR that my SSS Check is ready for pick up.

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In my case I didn’t have any problem with the certification from my employer because our HR / Payroll personnel is regularly checking its My.

Although I still had to know the magnitude and gravity of the problems, my feeling then was that, equipped with political will and braced by a concerned citizenry, those problems would eventually be bested by us. It has to be a change that is not confined merely to the replacement of people by people, but a change in the people’s attitude, disposition and work ethic. While the law is [being] crafted with extreme urgency, we need to undertake immediate action to ensure disaster resiliency and effective response in the greater [Metro] Manila area, which is our country’s seat of governance, center of business, commerce, and the academe. I mean if it cracks and it goes down, can we still manage to go up? I therefore ask Congress to act on all pending legislations to reimpose the death penalty on heinous crimes – especially on the trafficking of illegal drugs.

It was only a matter of determination and collective action. For as I saw it then as I see it now, there is no problem in the world which can stop the march of a people with unflinching and tenacious determination. Early on, I felt that if change was to be meaningful, it had to start with those occupying the highest positions in government because change that comes from below is more transitory than permanent. Sadly, although we knew years ago that what was needed or [what we] ought to do, we did not do [it] because our idea of government was parochial and we could not rise above family, ethnic, and clan loyalties as well as loyalty to friends and co-workers. That is why we are one in saying that genuine change is what this country truly needs. Disaster resiliency of Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces is a matter of urgent concern.

Can you imagine, it took only X days to have an SSS Loan without costing me a single dime or breaking a sweat.

I just sat in front of my computer and submitted an application.

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